Collaborators in Bassett Lab featured by Penn Today

Jennifer Stiso, a graduate student in the lab of CNT member Danielle Bassett, Ph.D., recently published findings in Cell Reports detailing how models of neural networks can be used to personalize brain stimulation therapies with the goal of improving memory. The modeling of neural networks using electrode data gathered during the treatment of epilepsy is an ongoing source of collaboration between members of the Bassett Lab and Davis Lab.

Penn Today  highlighted this work on Thursday in an article explaining how brain stimulation therapies, such as those used in the treatment of neurological disorders like epilepsy, can be expanded upon to improve memory or restore motor function.

“This type of study is an important, early step towards developing a fast, generalizable model of an individual’s response to a specific stimulation therapy,” said Stiso.

Models of neural networks can give researchers unprecedented insight into neural function, and collaborations between the Bassett Lab and Davis Lab seek to use these models to develop novel therapies for a wide range of disorders.

Read the full Penn Today article HERE.

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