Dr. Davis to be ICTALS 2019 Plenary Speaker

The International Conference for Technology and Analysis of Seizures has invited Dr. Davis to speak at its September conference ICTALS 2019 at the University of Exeter. The theme of this year’s meeting is “The Epilepsy Journey: from first seizure to treatment and beyond”. A major focus of discussion will be how recent advances in our understanding of brain dynamics can make a difference for epilepsy patients at all stages of their journey. To find out more about the event, click HERE.

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ILAE invites Dr. Davis to lecture at 33rd International Epilepsy Congress

From June 22-26, the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) will hold its major biennial event in Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Davis’s lecture will be given as part of the XV Workshop on Neurobiology of Epilepsy (WONEOP). The major topic of WONOEP XV will be to discuss working definitions and classification schemes for epileptic seizures across the lifespan, improve methods of seizure recognition, detection, and classification and facilitate translation across species. To read more about the event, click HERE.

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Dr. Davis to speak at Penn Medicine Neuro-Oncology Symposium 2019

On Friday, Dr. Kathryn Davis spoke at the Neuro-Oncology Brain Tumor Symposium 2019, giving a lecture entitled “Seizure Management for Brain Tumor Survivors: Current Concepts”. The symposium, designed for healthcare providers involved in the treatment of brain tumors, reviewed new treatment options in neuro-oncology. Dr. Davis’s talk was given as part of the symposium’s “Master Class in Brain Tumor Treatment & Best Practices”.

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Dr. Davis to serve as a moderator at AAN Annual Meeting Neurophysiology Session

Dr. Kathryn Davis has been invited to moderate the Epilepsy and Neurophysiology sessions at the 71st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology. The meeting is to be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia from May 4-10. The Epilepsy session is to be held on Monday, May 6, and will be followed by the Neurophysiology session on Tuesday morning.

For more information about the AAN 2019 Annual Meeting, click here.

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Penn Medicine Neurosurgery Grand Rounds 1.24.2019 Given by Dr. Davis

Dr. Davis will present on “Finding Epilepsy ‘Hotspots’ – Noninvasive Measures of Structure and Function,” at Neurosurgery Grand Rounds on 1.24.2019.


Smilow, TRC, 8th Floor Conference Room

34th and Civic Center Boulevard


Time: 7:00am – 9:00am

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Andy Revell Enters M.D., Ph.D. Candidacy Upon Passing Qualifying Exam

Andy Revell, an M.D., Ph.D. student mentored by Dr. Davis at the Center for Neuroengineering and Therapeutics, successfully defended his thesis proposal before a faculty panel Tuesday. Revell’s project focuses on applying graph theory to the modeling of neural networks in the context of epilepsy. Approximately 30% of patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) do not respond to medication and may turn to surgical removal of the seizure-onset zone. By modeling epileptic networks in individual TLE patients, Revell hopes to better predict surgical outcomes and even localize seizure onset in otherwise ambiguous cases.

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Preya Shah, M.D., Ph.D, Publishes in Brain: A Journal of Neurology

Preya Shah, M.D., Ph.D., a former student in the Center for Neuroengineering and Therapeutics, published a paper on Friday in Brain highlighting the contributions of neural structure to functional networks in epilepsy.

The article, titled “Characterizing the role of the structural connectome in seizure dynamics”, reveals the presence of patient-specific spatiotemporal patterns, indicating that seizure dynamics are tightly controlled by the underlying structure of the brain. Understanding these highly stereotyped patterns may pave the way for new therapies and individualized intervention strategies in epilepsy.


Click HERE to read the full article.

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“Epilepsy&” Podcast Releases Their Second Episode with Dr. Davis as a Guest

The Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern PA has a new monthly podcast called “Epilepsy&.” This new series aims to intertwine inspiring stories of epilepsy patients with discussions of novel medical advancements.

In this episode, Dr. Davis talks about what research and funding can do for the lives of those with epilepsy and how her own research is paving the way for new diagnostic techniques and treatments. She also talks about her journey to becoming an epileptologist and how physicians can encourage bright minds to pursue a career in epileptology so that we can continue to expand the bounds of what we know about the disease. One of Dr. Davis’ former patients joins her in this conversation.

Listen to Episode 2: Epilepsy & Research (Part 2) HERE.

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Dr. Davis Guest Stars on the Podcast “Epilepsy&”

The Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern PA has a new monthly podcast called “Epilepsy&.” This new series aims to intertwine inspiring stories of epilepsy patients with discussions of novel medical advancements. In their first episode, “Epilepsy & Research,” Dr. Davis joins one of her patients in discussion of his journey with epilepsy as a father and lawyer. Dr. Davis also touches upon her clinical approaches to diagnosis and treatment and how her research aims to improve these methods. Listen to the episode HERE.

Listen to other episodes of “Epilepsy&” HERE.

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Dr. Davis Serves as a Panelist on NeurologyLive’s Peer Exchange Series on Epilepsy

This month Dr. Davis served as a panelist for NeurologyLive’s Peer Exchange video editorial series about novel treatments for epilepsy, diagnostic biomarkers for epilepsy, treatment guidelines and much more! She is joined by other renowned epileptologists across the country.

Click the links below to watch the episodes from the series (descriptions copied from

Epilepsy Management: Gauging Limitations of Guidelines: The panel of experts considers how there are individualized limitations in using otherwise helpful clinical guidelines to manage patients with epilepsy.

When to Initiate Therapy in Patients With Epilepsy: With considerations for specific patient cases, the panel debates when the optimal time to initiate therapy for epilepsy would be.

An Unmet Need in Epilepsy? Diagnostic/Prognostic Biomarkers: Given previously unmet needs in diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers for epilepsy, experts consider how genetic markers and imaging might improve treatment.

Prominent Goals of Therapy in Epilepsy Management: Individualized goals of therapy for patients with epilepsy are outlined with regard to age, demographic, and safety/efficacy in treatment.

Tools in the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Epilepsy: Expert panelists share insight on the tools used to make an informed diagnosis of epilepsy and discuss genetic testing in adult versus younger groups.

Improving Epilepsy Understandings: ILAE 2017 Classification: A comprehensive review of the classification of seizure types by the ILAE in 2017 and how that has improved patient categorization.

Evolving Knowledge of Epilepsy Incidence and Etiology: A panel of experts elucidate updated information regarding the incidence and causes of epilepsy that may lead to better, more accurate management.

From NeurologyLive’s Website: “NeurologyLive™ offers a print and digital media platform to busy healthcare professionals treating neurological diseases to deliver practice-changing news and insight directly from top medical conferences and researchers.”

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